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by Steph Green

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Every time I go down To the lake, you see You know he's always out there You know he speaks to me Hold me under, he says Hold me under, he says Hold me under My trailer's not that far And each night after the bar I watch the boats come in And I think of Penticton I worked up north a while It'll make you lose your mind I see a girl in town now Just to pass the time There's something about this town Yeah, we all feel it here, babe Something beautiful And terrible and strange Lights bouncing off the water I don't scream like I oughta The night is closing in The last night I'll see him
After the thunder clap Your dog ran off The rain came down They rang the bells of the town clock I put my shoes on Slipped out of sight Deafened by the pour And blind in the black of that dark night I walked a mile and then I got a ride Took me to a diner Told of the love he'd left behind We parted ways there And I made my way Got lost on the road Long before the breaking light of day I know I heard her A woman's cries Followed me as I wandered Under wailing teardrop skies Never found my way back home You may not be surprised Won't you pick me up If you see me out on stormy nights
I've cried enough tears To get this county through a drought Looking back on the years You'd think I'd dry out But I move the current faster Than the trains on that old rail As I kick away the dust Over another lonesome trail Secret city in a mountain Overlooking all beyond that gate Prison souvenir shops And a thousand other things I hate But the way that sky looks Early winter when the evening's late Helps us forget hell's heat Two thousand miles below the interstate The Arkansas will flood Through every ranch and canyon The dirt will turn to mud Now that I've lost my companion I saw a great storm cloud Blend into the mountain But you couldn't hear the thunder Over all of my shouting In a county full of prisoners Guess I'm lucky it's just house arrest Watching dozens of little birds Fly down from their snowy nests I know that the one I leave Is not the one I love the best But no matter where I go My heart's always out in the west
Take a Walk 03:33
If I ever make it back To the place that I left No one had better welcome me Back home 'Cause I left in search Of the very word Can't keep what I found And now I have to roam Some don't choose where they work Some don't choose where they live But you can choose who's around So be good to those that you know And if you get frozen out Know you've still got a friend Hope you can pack up and go Where there's not all that wind and snow Take a walk In the sunshine Honey, take a walk Right down the path with me You woke up this morning Ain't that something? Can't the world shimmer Like golden aspen leaves The more that I move The worse I get stuck Will I know when I've learned What it is that I'm supposed to know? And does it even matter? We all end in the same place No, I won't be alone When it comes my time to go
Last Seance 03:33
Rosie, sweet Rosabel I love her more Than now I can tell For me, she casts a spell My charming, black-eyed, sweet Rosabel We never had a child We had an act And on your deathbed We made a pact I've waited ten long years To hear Rosabel The costumes that I made you Since 1926, they've laid away And since that day I've waited to hear from you Beyond the grave Tonight is the last time I now know I've done all I can But ten years Is long enough to wait For any man
Satchel 03:17
I can't take you any further I'm afraid you'll have to leave I frowned, opened the door Pushed you out of your seat Tires screeching in a puff of smoke As I sped the car away Didn't know if you would be alright Didn't care if you would be okay From there on you vanished And to this very day You wander that same country road Vowing how I'll pay It's said you were eaten by coyotes Bones turned to dust and blown around No one there to dig a hole And put you in the ground Oh don't you love the desert? But not under the moon You turn and ask me "Baby, why do I feel so doomed?" I kiss your mouth and laugh Say it's gonna be okay We all get what we deserve When it comes our judgment day
Mine 05:06
Mine, oh I know I'm alive When I look at you, alright Warm breeze whispering Beneath a diamond sky Crickets call out in the dark Jasmine breathes a sigh Won't you be a friend? I know what I said Keep you on my mind Keep you in my bed Keep the rest away Keep the promises I said Traveled seven lifetimes Just to hear you breathe On a summer night Laying next to me Asleep Be mine
Oh, I know a thing or two About the Kettle Valley Trail Train's long been gone Stopped running on the rail Skip a stone into the lake Build a fire by the tracks Sit back and listen I'll tell you the facts Up here, we've got wolves We've got black bears, cougars, too Rattlesnakes wrap around the sage Eagles fly over you But there's none a greater threat Than that of a strange man I hurry on before it's dark Whenever I can I'm no great outdoorsman No great outdoorswoman, either Sitting by the fire, eating humble pie 'Til I get a sugar fever But I'm always out here In nature's company What a mysterious friend I have chosen for me Salmon run down in the river Not a cloud up in the sky So you know the stars will come out To sparkle from up high There's a flurry of life Way up in the trees Where a million little starlings Sing exactly as they please Hummingbird beats her little wings At a breakneck speed Soon to fly back down south Winter's coming, you see But I'll be up here Trying to make myself a home And home it will be Even if I'm all alone


Steph Green's sophomore album, "Lore", is a series of vignettes that immerse the listener in dreams and nightmares of the West. It's a world of towering storm clouds, flooding rivers, and diamond skies. The natural and supernatural collide, wailing spirits wander lost highways, and shapeshifting starling murmurations soar overhead of restless loners.

Green produced and recorded "Lore" at home on a borrowed Tascam MS-16, making use of tape distortion, reverb, and warbling tremolo to color her vivid and visceral storytelling. The collection of tales are enveloped by a distinctive, otherworldly sound, with weeping steel guitar, washy organ, and ghostly vocal layering reverberating from a distant dimension. Embarking on an almost entirely solo recording process that allowed room for experimentation, Green also enlisted long-time collaborator Duff Thompson as the rhythm section on bass and drums. Out now on Mashed Potato Records, "Lore" is a rugged, eerie, and wild homage to both a real and imagined place.


released October 20, 2023

Steph Green - Vocals, Guitars, Lap Steel, Organ, Piano, Glockenspiel, Additional Percussion
Duff Thompson - Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar on "Teardrop Skies", Acoustic Guitar on "Mine", Backing Vocals on "Take a Walk"

Written, Produced, Arranged, Engineered, Mixed + Photos by Steph Green
Layout by Steph Green and Minnie Heart
Additional Engineering by Duff Thompson
Mastering by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering
Lyrics to the first verse of "Last Seance" by Paul Dresser

Special thanks: Bill Howard and Duff Thompson


all rights reserved



Steph Green

Steph Green's music is for those who fancy the art of songwriting, depicting a lonely world illuminated by strangeness and beauty.

Vinyl available at: www.mashedpotatorecords.com

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